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SOCRadar is well positioned for continued success with a focus on innovation, global expansion, and feature-rich multifunctionality. Our mission is to enable the organizations to get proactive against evolving cyber threats. Enterprises around the world are increasingly selecting SOCRadar to get proactive security by understanding their attack surface and gaining automation-enabled visibility into surface, deep, and dark web. SOCRadar users leverage our expertise and investment in scalable, innovative Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) solution to protect their most valuable assets: brand reputation, employees, customers and overall business operations.

What will Growth Specialist do

Are you a data-driven strategist with a passion for optimizing user experiences? Are you adept at unraveling the complexities of end-to-end systems within the user journey? If you're ready to take the lead in driving growth through meticulous analysis and insightful reporting, we invite you to be our Growth Specialist!


  • User Journey Mapping: Craft a comprehensive understanding of user interactions and pathways, identifying opportunities for enhancement
  • Data-Powered Insight: Employ a spectrum of cutting-edge tools and products to measure and dissect user behaviors.
  • Analytical Precision: Transform data into actionable insights that drive impactful decision-making.
  • Strategic Optimization: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to devise strategies that amplify user journeys and foster growth.
  • Engaging Reporting: Translate complex findings into compelling, digestible reports that influence strategy at all levels.


        • Insightful Navigator: Proficiency in mapping user journeys and identifying touchpoints for optimization.
        • Data Virtualization: Skilled in utilizing a diverse array of tools(Google Analytics, Hotjar, Hubspot, Vitally, etc) A to measure and analyze user interactions.
        • Strategic Visionary: Ability to harness insights to formulate strategies that elevate user experiences.
        • Collaborative Dynamo: Thrives in a team-centric environment, actively engaging with colleagues.
        • Clear Communicator: Strong communication skills for articulating insights and recommendations.

            What does SOCRadar offer teammates?

            • Talented and Experienced Teammates,
            • Unlimited Private Health Insurance,
            • Contracted Schools for Masters,
            • Equipment Gift Card for working from home,
            • SOCRadar Academy E-learning Platform,
            • Birthday Leave & Birthday Gift Card,
            • Different types of leaves.

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